The Journey Continues

If things are always changing, a noble goal is to have them always changing for the better. The term "Continuous Improvement" refers to the effort to consciously strive toward bettering processes and products. I see Continuous Improvement as learning to harvest from history, both the successes and failures, in order to cross-pollinate them and plant for tomorrow. It is an idea that I subscribe to both as a manufacturer and as an individual. Personally, I am constantly striving to walk the talk of ancient and more modern teachings.

The Paradox of Life blog, besides being in a constant state of Continuous Improvement, is an exploration of walking the talk. One of the driving purposes for me with this blog is to draw from the numerous resources I have come across in an effort to compile them under one roof. But it is not enough to just compile these bits of wisdom. More important than having access to them is actually putting the wisdom into practice.

I have always been a collector of people, equipment, and knowledge. I realized long ago that just collecting knowledge without acting on it is of no use. Rather, I had a duty to share that knowledge, both through my words and my actions. The Paradox of Life blog began as an outlet to expose individuals to the ideas and wisdom that I myself had been finding to be of such value. I hoped that my words would reach the people that I had "collected": those I do business with, those I know from community involvement, and those who I just happened to meet on a plane or in a restaurant. I sincerely hope that everyone, myself included, recognizes something that they can apply to their life in what is written here.

Paradox of Life is a constantly evolving (and improving) entity. What you see before you is one of the most recent incarnations of what has been my personal project for a number of years. My life has been paradoxical in a number of ways: conventional wisdom vs. potential reality, expectation vs. actuality, as well as the paradox of being in business not for the money. Paradox of Life is meant to embody that feeling of impossibilities existing together.

The missions of the Paradox of Life are continuously evolving, but they center around the steady purpose of striving to have a positive influence in society so that more people can achieve happiness and to inspire others to this end as well. The blog is a tool that I am using as a piece of a much larger movement. There are so many others on parallel journeys to this one and I hope to bring us all together in collaboration. I invite you to explore the new site, the old entries, and the remodeled vision. I sincerely hope to hear your ideas and opinions and look forward to continuing to build a better community on all levels.

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