Caroline Trahan Don Begneaud Laurian Clause

Today marks one year since my open heart surgery and my first Light Language session with about ten women Spiritual Healers. I learned that your vocal vibrations are the most powerful way to self heal yourself. Also it has been my understanding/belief that reprogramming ones subconscious mind is the key to taking control of your destiny.

The late Earl Nightingale stated that "we become what we think about most of the time". Parallel to this concept our perceptions (our reality) is actually developed based on our lives experience. Said another way our lives experience conditions our subconscious which controls our behavior and physiology.

So many times in my life I have be told "you cant do that, that wont work, that is not realistic, that is stupid" you catch my drift. Maybe I am just naive but I am so proud of my accomplishments and contributions helping others in the world. I don't care about all of the naysayers who ridicule me, I just say "Watch me". I have the free will to believe in myself.

Believe it or not the few paragraphs I just wrote today took me several hours. All my life I have struggled with Reading and Writing but I wont let that that stop me from caring about others. In closing I ask you to follow your dreams and believe in yourself.