From Chaos To Coherence

In my last blog I shared my experience of my open heart surgery I underwent earlier this year. With the extra time away from the office and working with my Life Coach has caused me to re-evaluate my life and to list the benefits and attributes to serve people.

My personal perception (My reality) of myself:

I am creative in both the physical form and the conceptual processes

I am Scientific (especially Electro/Mechanical PHYSICS)

I am Spiritual (Not to be confused with Religious)

I am opened minded (especially new Discoveries)

I have a great amount of Successes and Failures

I LOVE my Family and meeting new people

I am an Eternal Optimist (True Realist)

I am so great-full to be alive

I enjoy serving others

I want to inspire

I am Innovative

I seek Truths

I am me

I final befriend Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden in New Mexico at their Retreat " From Chaos to Coherence. I first learned of Dr. Lipton by my listening to several of Wayne Dyer's audio books. After a couple of years studying Dr. Lipton's work I discovered Gregg Braden. Working total independent of one an other both Bruce and Gregg discovered major flaws ("holes") in Science and Religion.

Currently there is no way in my little Blog could I (by myself) ever do justice trying to explain Bruce and Gregg's work. I do hope you and others will go see for yourself what extraordinary discoveries these guys have made. Check them out on the NET.

As a student of life I have been exposed to many opposing points of view across the spectrum of Religions and Sciences. Now after being exposed to their work I believe I am much closer to the universes truths.

Keep on seeking the TRUTH


The Paradox Guy