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Towards the end of my last blog I shared how I have been told I don't LISTEN. If I were to say well I am so A.D.D. that would be just an excuse (I don't believe in excuses). I will admit, quite often when I am in conservation I here something that triggers my mind and I drift off, then suddenly I catch myself then ask the speaker to please back up and replete that. I realize now why others perceive me as to not listening to them. (I also know I am a very deep thinker)

As I was writing this blog I went to iTunes and looked up The Art of Listening and found several books on listening. I went ahead and purchased an audio, Listening Skills by Michele Gilbert.

After many many weeks of listening to Michele's audio book and several others podcast on LISTENING I can honestly say that I did not learn anything really new (to me). However i will share some of the takeaways:

  • If you are not focusing on what the other person is saying you are not going to absorb what they are saying.

  • The more you utilize your ears - the more you will inspire others to come back.

  • Ask for clarity sooner than latter.

More takeaways from others:

  • Forget about outdated advice such repeating what the other person said word for word.

  • Interpret what what you are hearing.

  • Clarify what you heard the other person say.

  • Ask open ended questions.

  • Validate what you heard.

As I mentioned the takeaways are not new to me and shouldn't be, for the past 25 years I have going through a multitude soft-skill training workshops and rigid courses. One of my former Life Coaches did teach me a concept that I will always remember. As a student of Life " we may need to reminded more often than instructed".

Coming from my heart and experience we must embrace an AWARENESS of our surroundings and seek to understand others for sake of collaboration and results. Moving forward we should take baby steps in improving our listings skills and if at all possible remove the word ASSUME for our vocabulary.

I sincerely hope my unqualified writing gives you inspiration and helps you a little bit every day one step at a time. Remember it is you and only you that controls your destiny.

Don "The Paradox Guy"

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