About 12 years ago a very intelligent friend of mine and I were having in depth conversation about about my work force. Very loud my friend stated "Don their PERCEPTION is their REALITY".

I did not THINK much about his comment, I was so focused on the actual topic of our discussion.

Ever since then I have had plenty of time think and study about perception. What I discovered is that our perception is manifested from previous experiences and habits. Technically speaking perception is actually a choice of BELIEF.

I now better understand that whenever we say or do something others perceive us in their own way (their PARADIGM). Now after many years of studying the work of my friend Joel Barker, I have a broader understanding of paradigms and related concepts. I really like Joel's extended definition:

"A paradigm is a system of rules and Regulations that does two things:

First, some of the rules set the limits or boundaries-just like a pattern

sets the edges.

Then, the rest of the rules offer you guidance on how to be successful

by solving problems that exist inside those boundaries-in a sense, they

offer you a model for problem solving.

So a paradigm is a problem-solving system. And a PARADIGM SHIFT is

when you change from one set of rules to another."

Now for my personal PARADOX: I have shared my thoughts, others writings, and audios to my lovely family and friends. I have always done this with best of intentions just to DISCOVER their perception was 180 degrees different from mine (MISPERCEPTION).

Just like I have shared with others, "I refuse to believe that I am a victim of a bad economy". I will continue to believe in myself because that is all I have direct control over. More important than believing in me believe in yourself for it is the fastest way to your HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

It is your choice,