Changing Words, Changing Behaviors

Many people live by the saying actions speak louder than words. I challenge that belief. I believe our words should align with our actions. As I study the works of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Shawn Anchor, and Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., I’ve come to recognize the influence my words have over my actions. With this awareness comes the requirement for mental change within my thought process and behavior.

For example, I am attempting to alleviate certain words from my vocabulary. I believe as I replace words with negative connotations with their antonyms, so too will I retrain my brain, which in turn will retrain my actions. I am trying to replace words like fight with words like reconcile, so that I can make peace making a part of my life.

Although I recently experienced a setback. I had a situation occur at work where I thought I communicated urgency with an employee. I failed to communicate specific urgency with the person, which resulted in the loss of an opportunity to satisfy my client’s need. I allowed my feelings of anger and disappointment to overshadow the progress I have made toward positive change in my own speech and behavior pattern. I embarrassingly admit, I blew up! Harmful, hurtful words flew out of my mouth. I did not build a relationship, instead I was tearing one down. Later, when I calmed down and realized what I had done, I apologized for my behavior and the words I said. Afterwards, the employee and I met with our Human Resource Director and mended our communication with one another.

I am not proud of this event, and I only speak of it to share that I am human. Change in my behavior requires a renewed perspective. I will fall, so will you. The importance is not how we fall, but how we get back up. I know I have a long road to go to remove negativity from my words, but I also know I have come so far.

I do not claim to be perfect at changing my words. I even admit to slipping back into familiar patterns at times. However, having lived in the world of negative words for most of my life, I find this new world of positive words, positive behavior to be much more rewarding in regard to my relationships. I hope that sharing my experiences, along with influential resources that provide insight into a changed life, will help you realize a better life, too.

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