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Meeting Needs through Contributions

Thanks to life experiences and an abundant library, I am able to recognize the control our mind has over our actions. Negative thoughts lead to negative speech patterns, which lead to negative encounters. However, our purpose as human beings is to meet one another’s needs. The way we meet those needs is through our contributions to society.

I have built a multi-million dollar company centered on a natural ability to figure out how things work and make them better. The gift is one I’ve had since childhood. I believed for many years, the services my company provides was my contribution to others. Yet, at this juncture of my life, I am forming a different point of view.

My wife always tells me I am a collector of people. She knows that anywhere I go in my travels; I will inevitably meet someone new. I receive their contact information and keep in touch. It may be years later that I meet someone else who is looking for a particular service or skill set, and I am able to pair the two individuals.

Just as I collect and pair people, I also collect and pair resources to circumstances. My ability to provide others with an alternative perspective to their life circumstance has become a driving force in my contributions to society. I have a desire to help people understand the control they have over their circumstances.

We should be in control of our own lives. When we complain that circumstances are out of our control, or point the finger outward we are willingly relinquishing our power. In my meeting of people, I have found some of the most negative minded people are those who have relinquished their authority over their own lives to someone or something else.

When I gift (contribute) a book to someone, I am doing so with the purest of intentions. I wholeheartedly want to see the individual’s situation change for the better. I want to witness the rewards in people’s lives after they have taken command of their life’s situation.

I recognize the book is intended to only be the catalyst that ignites human action in order to achieve change in another’s life. Even so, I know that I am doing my part to help meet someone else’s needs, and I feel encouraged by my contributions.

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