Independence Day Then and Now

On July 4, 1776, a group of our nation’s finest men signed the Declaration of Independence. This declaration would tell the rest of the world why America wanted to be free from British rule. Thomas Jefferson risked his life as he composed the original draft that the Continental Congress would unanimously agree upon.

273 years later, I wonder how did our nation get so divided? How could we go from 100% agreement of what is best for our nation to where we are today? Our country’s leadership is focused on finger-pointing, assuming, and blaming anyone and everyone, instead of taking responsibility for our nation.

I have had the privilege to sit in front of Congressional meetings. During these gatherings, I have witnessed the amount of finger-pointing that occurs. Each party is busy fighting for it’s own political agenda. I wonder if our government has forgotten it’s purpose is to keep the people from pure chaos.

In the many leadership courses I have attended and books I have read, a common theme arises. Leaders are to emulate the behavior they want to see in others. This Independence Day, I challenge our nation’s Congress men and women to step up and be the leader your constituent voted you to be. Let’s get back to the days when government unanimously voted for the good of it’s people.

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