Inviting individuals to join in a movement of

mutual respect, collaboration, and harmony

for the good of our global community.

Paradox of Life, Self help, social causes, mutual respect, collaboration

Why We're Here


Paradox of Life is what I have chosen to call the journey that has me striving to positively influence those around me so that more people can achieve happiness. Paradox of Life is not a monetary movement; rather, I would like to ask you to join in for the truer purpose of helping others through the contributions of our talents. For a full introduction, please see the welcoming blog entry here.








How We're Influencing


Currently, I am focusing my influence through philosophy, government, and engagement.


Philosophy: My personal philosophy is continuously being shaped and formed by new exposures, but is also consistently one of positivity and harmony.  Paradox of Life is committed to sharing wisdom from a variety of sources that nurture positive growth. I invite you to explore the perceptions I have to offer in the blog and see how they might fit well in your own life.


Government: Fingerpointing and blame are more prevalent than ever. Paradox of Life is focused on encouraging our public officials to replace the mindset of “fighting” with one of “positive influence.” This mission starts locally, but has ambitions to reach government at the federal and eventually world level. The goal is to have every public official and those working with them (and you, too) to embrace nonviolent communication and work toward inspiring others instead of fighting them.


Engagement: All around us, everyday individuals are making great strides to bring more positivity and harmony into our world. Each of us has something significant that we can contribute, and each contribution affects our community. A major intention that I have for the Paradox of Life is to inspire engagement and encourage all of us to take an active role to create positive influence in our interactions. I invite you to become a part of this.








What We're Doing


This movement uses many tools and is expressed through multiple forms. 


Blog: The blog encourages us to make small shifts every day that, when added up, can lead to creative and wonderful outcomes. Paradox of Life looks to move beyond the status quo and conditioned thinking so as to create an optimistic environment of collaboration and mutual respect. In sharing wisdom from varied sources, the blog endeavors to inspire those around us to meaningful participation in our global community. It strives to motivate us to positively influence our philosophies, government and personal engagement.


Work in Government: Through the positions that I hold on various councils, I am sharing the message of positive influence with our elected officials at all levels.  I invite you to do so as well.


Discussions & Meet-ups: At my facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, I host individuals and groups who are interested in Paradox of Life. The discussions range from introducing new paradigms, to delving deeper into ideas, to dreaming up big efforts. Please get in touch if you are curious about participating!



By Don Begneaud, the Paradox Guy: Being different on purpose for a purpose.